Meg Spittle

As a young girl I spent many hours watching my mother do hair out of our basement. I loved watching to see the before and after she created. After she passed in 2005 I realized that the job I held was nothing more then that, a job. I asked myself, what will I do with the rest of my life? I searched different schools and career paths, and came up with nothing. Finally a friend whom I regularly cut and styled suggested becoming a real deal licensed hairstylist. It became so clear that I had already headed down a path (although at the time very untrained, thank god for the patients of good friends).

So in the summer of 2006 I began at Parisian Beauty Academy in Hackensack New Jersey, a Paul Mitchell partnership school which offers the best education in my area.

Once I had enough hours and training I applied in February 2007 at Salon CARU in Hoboken NJ. This was my first choice as it was a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon, with a great reputation for the quality of work and integrity from the stylists it employed. My training there was top notch having quite a few Paul Mitchell educators on staff. One of the senior stylist took me under his wing, and shared his knowledge and training from Tony & Guy. My quest for knowledge then led me to California to study Vidal Sassoon in their intensive training program. After 15 months assisting I had earned my own chair and was very quickly recognized for my styling talents. Highly requested for both blow dries and up-dos I found myself being retained more and more for Brides as a traveling stylist. As I moved up over the next 6 years I became a senior stylist, took charge of the salon’s Bridal Boutique and was even featured in a few publications such as 'The Knot'.

In the summer of 2009 I met an amazing man that later asked me to be his wife and one year later we became parents. Wanting to raise our son at home my husband and I decided that leaving CARU in 2014 was the best option for our family.

This is how the HairPin Artisan was born, out of love for the artistic aspect of styling hair, the creativity in making some one feel beautiful and unique setting of Bridal Hair. I love my Brides, I love being a part of a day that’s special and amazing, its something I could never leave behind. Over the past year I have continued to work with many old and new clients providing them with the very best styling for their entire Bridal Party and I hope to do so for many more years to come.